Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thus does the tired reveal his infirmity

My weekly schedule allows me free time for many hours on many days of the week. Tuesday night, while partly filled with things such as being out in town or at the Bible study, is empty after 10 or so.

As I read earlier tonight from Paul, all things are allowed, but not all things are all that beneficial.

Rather than sleeping like the good little boy that I am, I chose instead to stay awake, work on projects, and play some games. This is not a crime.

It does, however, have the unfortunate side-effect of diminished alertness and awareness. One becomes more likely to make absent-minded mistakes when heavily tired and sleepy, and even though my mental constitution tends to hold up well at night, it seem that tonight was just not my night.

My desk is located underneath of my bed. The chair at my desk is in the same place, and has been for over a year. Why I thought I could stand straight up while under my bed is beyond me.

My head hurts.


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