Friday, September 22, 2006

Yay for Adams

WWTD - Scott Adams.

Another RSS feed among those I receive via Bloglines is the Dilbert Blog. The Dilbert Blog is written by Scott Adams, author of Dilbert and numerous books.

In this article, self-declared atheist Scott Adams criticizes members of Christianity in a way of which I approve, yet again. He says, "How do you justify buying a third television set when people in New Orleans are living in rolled-up carpets? That’s not a rhetorical question."

He goes on to guess a number of possible options, and while some of them are somewhat reasonable, none of them are completely reasonable. Really, what is the answer to his question?

I don't speak, and I don't understand.

Once again, Adams says that which I can relate to in a personal way. In this case, he simply states that he has trouble communicating and making things clear to people.

I have this problem, too. Adams postulates that the self is the cause of the problem, because he himself is the common denominator with all of the situations with other people. This may be true in my case, as well, although I would suggest another common denominator: human beings. These creatures are notoriously poor speakers and listeners, making them the poorest communicators in the known universe.

Quote of the day

"Cold is just a fancy marketing word for a particularly unpleasant form of pain. We should just call it what it is: pain." - Scott Adams

Evil Genius at work.

It's not a normal day when an evil plan hatches in my mind that could easily come to fruition.

When that happens, it either means that I'm particularly fortunate or clever. In this case, it is simply fortune that was on my side.

The plan was simple. I was alone upstairs in the radio station. I had my computer with me, which contained aforementioned yet-unreleased Evanescence music. It would not have been a difficult matter to air a cut or two before getting stopped. Now, ponder this for a minute. A positive hit music station (i.e., "christian") playing Evanescence music that has not yet been released to the public. Were I to carry out such a plan, I'd get in trouble with the station, and the station would get in trouble with who knows what organizations, probably causing crazy fines and numerous other problems.

So, you see the value of being the evil mastermind. The mirth of hatching plots without any obligation of carrying them out. This eliminates all potential for negative consequence, but still leaves the anecdote to be told or blogged.


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