Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Two Novelties and a Factoid

Three items for today.

1. Igor Falecki.
2. Zack Kim.
3. Vinyl.

1. Igor Falecki: 4 Year old drummer

I'm not sure if the cute factor outweighs the cool factor on this one, but it's worth seeing a few times, just for the fun of it.

2. Zack Kim: dual guitarist

While the videos aren't concerts, they're still amusing for a short time. One of them that is particularly worth noting is the Mario Theme.

3. Vinyl albums popular again

Reports are in: Vinyl albums are resurging in popularity. They outlived cassettes and 8-tracks, and will probably outlive CDs. Why? CDs are being mooted by downloadable music. Many people wanting to own a physical object with good cover art will try to find 7" LPs rather than CDs.

Interesting Note: Big Fans pay money for physical things even if music can be accessed for free. Why?

A. Covert art.
B. A value best described as sentimental
C. A 7" LP can only hold a few songs. An artist wishing to publish a 7" LP will put only the best songs on it.
D. 7" LPs are cheaper than CDs, anyway.

(Paraposted on Xanga)


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